Mentorship, Organization, Outreach and Committee Work

Organizer of Mathematics Research Program
Mathematics Research Program is a research experience program directed at mathematics students at the level of undergraduate and masters. It is a 2 week program hosted by Istanbul Mathematical Sciences Center (IMBM) and funded by Centre International De Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees (CIMPA). I taught a mini course on my research and following this program started a research group with four students.
Directed Reading Program Turkey
During Summer 2021, I paired up with an undergraduate student from Middle East Technical University, Ankara. We have worked on quiver representations and my student prepared a presentation at the end on the equivalence of the category of quiver representations and the category of modules over the corresponding path algebra.
Honors Conversion
I had two undergraduate students who took my linear algebra course for honors conversion. At the University of Connecticut, this means that they did a project with me. The project was about Singular Value Decomposition and Quantum Entanglement following a blogpost of Dr. Tai-Danae Bradley.
Organizer of UCGEN Online Seminar Series
UCGEN (Uluslararasi Cebirsel GEometri Nesesi) is a weekly seminar series on Zoom ontopics near algebraic geometry. For more information please visit
Founder of AdIMOM
Adequate Institute of Mediocre and Outstanding Mathematics (AdIMOM) is an informal centre for mathematics in Downtown Toronto. Having started in my bachelor apartment, AdIMOM has evolved into something bigger with homemade seminars during the year and international conferences in April. With no time limit and no restriction on the subject topic, more than 60 speakers from more than 20 institutions from 4 countries participated in the homemade seminar. Starting from 2017, we also hold an annual international conference. More info can be found at
Graduate Chair Search Committee
The task of the graduate chair search committee is to choose a chair to lead a three-campus Graduate Department at the University of Toronto.
Math Mentorship Program
Math Mentorship Program is one of the outreach projects of the Mathematics Department at University of Toronto, pairing Grade 11 and 12 high school students interested in the field of mathematics study and research with graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty in the field. Mentors are expected to meet their students on a regular basis and mentees are expected to produce a research poster at the end of the program. I participated in this program for two years. My students prepared projects on Algebraic Graph Theory and Quiver Representation Theory.
Organizer of Graduate Student Seminar
Organised by the Math Graduate Student Association at University of Toronto, Graduate Student Seminar is a weekly seminar where graduate students present ideas in mathematics related to their research.
Volunteer at Nesin Mathematics Village
Nesin Mathematics Village is a village located in Turkey founded by Ali Nesin, who won the Leelevati Prize in ICM2018 organized in Rio. High school students are mentored during their programs which last typically two weeks in this volunteer position. I took up this position for more than 6 different programs. The mentorship includes helping students with the mathematical ideas, helping students complete their daily tasks in the village and contacting family members in case of emergency.