January 11, 2024.
I am quiet quitting Twitter. I will slowly move some of my threads here.

Differential graded methods have been very popular in algebra, geometry and topology lately and we start to see real life applications already. This is a thread on DG enhancements and recent developments in DG methods in applied mathematics...

Sivasspor is a Turkish football (soccer) team and this year they are in the run for championship after being mediocre for many years. So, what has changed this year? Sivasspor has been sponsored by a local construction company started in the 1980s by Sivas born Hamit Demir.

It looks like Hamit Demir's construction company has done quite well when the construction sector in Turkey bloomed in 2000s. He branched out his business and now there is an umbrella brand that he is a CEO of: Demir Group.

When Demir Group decided to sponsor Sivasspor, they promised a lot of money. With this money Sivasspor was able to regroup, form a good team and run for the title. In exchange, they renamed their team Demir Group Sivasspor, ör shortly DG Sivasspor.

The unexpected success of DG Sivasspor, a DG enhancement of Sivasspor, is önce again showing us the usefulness of DG methöds. /end of thread.

Original tweets.

New developments. The success of differential graded methods in football led more serious mathematical bodies to continue this experiment. Starting from the 2023/2024 season, European Mathematical Society stepped up and sponsored Sivasspor. Currently, Sivasspor's official name is EMS Sivasspor. See the official announcement.


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