Week 6

We are almost in March. I already know many of you from your blogs and project checkpoints and it is a strange feeling.

  1. Monday: No lecture. Prerecorded lecture link is on Weekly Planner.
  2. Wednesday: We will finish our business with Chapter 2. We are not covering all of Chapter 2 of the book. Only first four sections.
  3. We are starting with the “Determinants” chapter of the book on Friday.
  4. You should be able to finish Homework 4 this week and start Homework 5. The official deadline for Homework 4 is the end of this month. But do not wait until then.
  5. If you are having troubles with the course, contact me sooner than later. We can try to find a way forward if you contact me in time. If I do not hear from you until the end of April, I can not help you in May. I appreciate the ones who already reached out and I am going to respond to you in detail as soon as possible.
  6. I am going to write some detailed instructions for Project Checkpoint 2. (Not too detailed).
  7. Check this out: (Gaussian elimination is Row Reduction).