Week 2!

Quick things.

  1. We have learned already how to solve systems of linear equations and what kind of information we can get from a system (number of solutions, types of variables etc.)
  2. We will learn vector equations, spanning and matrix equations on Wednesday.
  3. The first quiz is on Friday. It will cover topics we learned in the first four lectures (that is, including Wednesday’s lecture). On Friday, we will meet in Teams as usual. Then, I will talk a little bit and give you some questions. Then, you will have 20-25 minutes in Breakout Rooms to discuss these questions with people (I will choose randomly). You should not write any answers while in Breakout Rooms. When the Breakout Rooms are over, you will come back to the main room and write your answers on your own. Sometimes we think that we understand something while we speak with other people, but when it comes to writing on our own, we realize that we did not actually understand it. This is why I want you to write on your own so that we can see if you really understood or not. Falsely thinking that you understood is worse than not understanding.
  4. Groups are announced for those of you who responded. Check Ozgur’s Corner/Groups.
  5. Weekly Blog Questions for this week are under Weekly Blogs.
  6. You should start Homework 1 on MyLab. As was pointed out, there is quite a few questions in this Homework. Ideally, you should be able to do most of them as a preparation for Quiz 1. You should be able to finish Homework 1 by February 2nd. The deadline is February 28th. As I mentioned in class, the first three or four homeworks will have this many questions. This is for you to master these computation skills with a lot of practice. After March, when we think about more theoretical questions, the number of questions will reduce to a more friendly level.
  7. I am trying to answer every message and every email in 24 hours. If you have not heard back from me, please remind me. I will do better with my emails after this week. It is just the beginning of term chaos.
  8. Sometimes, you may have to clear cache or refresh a couple times to see things on this webpage. It used to be faster than this, I don’t know what happened.
  9. Here is a photo of me, between 2209 and 2211.