The Weekly Planner

The Weekly Planner is on the main page and I hope that you will use it often during the term. It has two views: the calendar view and the list view. The calendar view works better on desktop.

On the planner, you will find information about each lecture and important due dates. Each week, I will update the lecture items and you will be able to know what will be covered before you attend the lecture. After the lecture, I will write a very short summary of what we covered together with a link to the recorded lecture (whenever it is available).

Your first task in this course is to get used to this planner. You will receive an email announcement from HuskyCT which asks you to read this. You are then required to:

  1. Go to the last week of April in the planner.
  2. Read the Graded Group Chats items and note the available time slots.
  3. Join the Microsoft Teams channel for this course.
  4. Send me a private message on Teams, let me know what section’s lectures you will attend and list all the times which work for you.

I will use this information to divide you into groups so that you can take the graded group chat without a conflict as a group.

The planner will be updated throughout the semester with more items.