Trying to learn mathematics on your own is unnecessarily complicated. I believe that speaking with other people is one of the most helpful things in a math course. So, in this course you will have group members that you do work with throughout the semester:

  1. You will meet weekly to discuss what you learned that week (or previous week) during class (this is not mandatory, obviously I am not taking attendance). You can decide on what time/what day you would like to do this. I can tell from experience that the groups which meet regularly do much better in the course.
  2. You will write Weekly Blog questions together. See Blog FAQ under Weekly Blogs.
  3. You will read a paper and make a Project together. See Project under Ozgur’s Corner.
  4. You will take an oral exam (Graded Group Chat) together during the last week of classes.

I will create a Group Chat for you on Microsoft Teams for you to communicate. Since you are all UCONN students, you all have access to this platform. We do not need Discord or Snapchat or Whatsapp or WeChat groups.

Below is a list of the groups. Find your last name there if you have told me your availability. The times in parantheses refer to April 25, 27, 29 for the group chat. If you have not told me your availability yet, your name is not in the list (or maybe I messed something up). You have until the end of Wednesday to let me know which group you want to be in, otherwise I will assign your group randomly. Every group has 8 students in it. The numbers (x/8) next to the groups refer to the number of students in the group currently. So, you can not join an 8/8 group at this point.

A clarification: You will meet me on the given time for the graded group chat. Half an hour before the exam, you are allowed to meet with your group members and I will give you the questions to discuss with your group members. This means that if your group is taking the exam on Monday 12:30, you can show up at 12:00 to discuss questions (or feel free to join exactly at 12:30). I believe I said this earlier in class when brought up, but in case I did not you can let me know if you would like to switch the groups after this information.

Group 1 (8/8) (Monday 12:30)

Apostolidis, Dagostino, Dunlavey, Kallicharan, Khan M., Munkhbat, S. Patel, Schmitt.

Group 2 (8/8) (Monday 1:00)

Abdelrehim, Collins K., Depalma, Senanu, Veilleux, Williams, Yi, Zhang.

Group 3 (8/8) (Monday May 2nd 1:30)

Ossolinksi, Petonito, Krym, Zanfardino, Keeton, Taracena, Taylor, Upreti

Group 4 (8/8) (Monday 2:00)

Bishara Sa, Bishara Se, Chen, Determan, Dillon, Fu, Greenwood, Li G.

Group 5 (8/8) (Monday 2:30)

Dybinski, Ghaffar, Hima, Ho, Rodriguez, Senthilkumar, Siddique, Slavin

Group 6 (8/8) (Monday 3:00)

Carichner, Cunningham, Gilbert, Lileika, Nair, Sukumaran, Trinh, Velupula.

Group 7 (8/8) (Monday May 2nd 1:00)

Byrne, Donegan, Kent, Mandoiu, McGovern, Nardone, Shahzad, Sidmore.

Group 8 (8/8) (Wednesday 12:30)

Belal, Gilmore, Gogoj,, Levenson, Medved, O’Connor, Yang G., Dunn

Group 9 (7/8) (Wednesday 1:00)

Annadurai, Bui, Huang, Hubbard, Kwee, Sathish, Valerio

Group 10 (8/8) (Wednesday 1:30)

Gordon-Burns, Lu, Montejo, Traianou, Bristhole, Thayer, Qureshi, Bolat

This group will take the Graded Group Chat at 1:30 on Wednesday, April 27.

Group 11 (7/8) (Wednesday 2:00)

Carmel, Cavuoto, Du, Lin, Magpali, Pang, Qiao

Group 12 (8/8) (Wednesday 2:30)

Bhavnagarwala, Bogacz, Elazazy, Feto, Klimoshenko, Park, Ticsay, Zhu

Group 13 (8/8) (Wednesday 3:00)

Al Hamadani, Cartier, Hurtado-Munoz, Matson, Melick, Patel N., Tran, Li Y.

Group 14 (8/8) (Wednesday 3:30)

Hill, Khan S., Wang, Yu Z., Ballestas, Zhang, Zhang, Zhou

Group 15 (5/8) (Monday May 2nd 12:30)

Egan, Gall, Lugo, Rush, Torres

Group 16 (7/8) (Tuesday May 3rd ?)

Ritchotte, Collins E., Yeung, Xu Z, Wu Yi., Wu Yu., Xu D

Group 17 (8/8) (Tuesday May 3rd 3:00)

Ju, Marin, Parillo, Qian, Yu L., Bradley, Qu M., Vilma

Group 18 (8/8) (Tuesday May 3rd 3:45)

Yang J., Yao, Xie Y., Qu L., Rahman, Sanchez, Shams, Srinivasan

Group 19 (6/8) (Tuesday May 3rd 6:00)

Donahue, Ekstrom, Henen, Ky, Veseli, Krasnicki

Group 20 (8/8) (Friday 3:00)

Jirku, Mahmood, McKenna, Shreya, Shew, Tibbling, Vaughn, Chan

Group 21 (6/8) (Friday 10:00)

Getter, Hernandez, Miranda, Raj, Sewrathan, Barlas