I can not join Microsoft Teams. What should I do?

When Microsoft asks you to sign in, you should use your uconn.edu email and the net ID password (the one you use to sign into HuskyCT, may be different than your email password). This has solved the issue for most of you but if you are still having troubles, please contact the IT department ASAP.

I have purchased the bundle from the bookstore. What do I do now? It asks me a Course ID when I am on the webpage.

Instead of going to the MyMathLab webpage directly, go to HuskyCT first. There is a link there that takes you to the correct place. If this does not work for you at first, try one more time in a couple hours and then contact me.

What book, homework material should I purchase?
I only see two assignments on MyLab?

More assignments will show up as we continue.

Assignment deadlines?

The official deadline for the first four or five assignments on MyLab will be the end of February. Starting from the sixth assignment, the deadline will be the last day of classes. The reason for this is because I want you to actually take your time to solve those problems, really understanding. I do not want you to just try things without learning only because there is a deadline coming up. However, I will provide you with guidance on when ideally you should start and finish these assignments. Just stay tuned. For example, you can start working on Homework 1 after Friday January 21 lecture. I will announce this after that lecture.

Still can not join Microsoft Teams?

This is what I received from one of you after many unsuccessful attempts:

Hi professor, I reinstall the Microsoft Team on my laptop and log in with the same email and password.

And it worked. So, maybe try reinstalling Microsoft Teams on your laptop or try to join from a browser?

I miss the quiz, can I make it up?

Yes, you can make it up by attending other quizzes and taking the final exam. Grading Scheme 1 drops the lowest quiz whereas Grading Scheme 2 replaces quizzes with a final exam.