After the spring break


We are returning from the Spring Break and here is what we will do in the next few weeks.

  1. We have started learning about abstract vector spaces before the break. Unfortunately, we did not have the Wednesday and Friday lectures. I did tell you that I was going to post videos to cover those lectures but I was not able to. And I did not want to post them during the break because I do not believe that breaks are for work. It turns out that Monday, March 21st was also no classes due to power outage. So, we will continue on Wednesday, March 23rd.
  2. On March 23rd, we will continue from where we left the last lecture: I will review what we did last time, motivate the definition of vector spaces again. Then, we will cover spanning and linear independence. We will also learn about subvectorspaces (or subspaces for short).
  3. On March 25th, we will talk about basis and dimension of a vector space.
  4. On March 28th, we are covering linear maps between vector spaces.
  5. On March 30th, we will learn about matrix representations of linear transformations with respect to given bases.
  6. On April 1st, you will have another quiz which covers up to (and including) March 25th lecture.
  7. Instead of the missing two hours from before the spring break, I will make 15 minute videos of examples which will be uploaded after every lecture for the next two-three weeks.
  8. You will receive your new MyLab Homework 6 assignment by this Tuesday. It will be due the end of April with a recommended deadline of March 31st.
  9. If you need extensions for previous assignments and if you already messaged me about this, I must have given you the extension by now. If you wrote to me but still did not receive any response, let me know.
  10. You have Project Checkpoint 3 which is due by the end of this month. Check the Weekly Planner for more information about this.
  11. If you have some nice music recommendations, let me know on Teams.