Project Checkpoint 3

Before anything: read this page.

  • Remember that for Project Checkpoint 1 and 2, you wrote 1 file as a group. This time, you will submit the checkpoint as SUBGROUPS. What does this mean? As I already said many times, you can do this project individually or as a group, or you can divide your group into smaller subgroups to work on different projects. Maybe 2 people in a group do one project, 1 person does their own project and the rest does their own project. In Project Checkpoint 3, people who are doing separate projects will start submitting their own files. (Again submitting just means upload on Google Drive).
  • In Project Checkpoint 2, you submitted a list of papers you are interested in exploring. In Project Checkpoint 3, you will focus on one of these papers. You will read it, identify how linear algebra is used in the paper and you will write a 1 page summary of it.
  • I do not mind the formatting, double spacing, single spacing etc. I trust that you will do an honest work.
  • If multiple people are working on the same project: everybody who contributes will write their own 1 page summary. You may use the same paper or you may use related papers. There does not need to be a connection between the different summaries at this point. But if you are doing the project together, obviously topics should match.
  • In the final project (which is due the end of April) you are going to use what you did in this project checkpoint and bring it together to make a single paper/essay. At that stage, if you are doing this project as a group, you will be asked to combine all the summaries and make a one comprehensive paper into which everybody contributes. But again, for Project Checkpoint 3, everybody is asked to write their own summary without worrying about formatting or how it fits with the others in the group.
  • Good luck. Let me know if you have any questions and feedback requests.
  • And oh, you make sure that on top of your submission, everybody writes their names so that I don’t accidentally miss someone.