Project Checkpoint 2

Firstly, read this.

You will write Project Checkpoint 2 as a group in one file. You do not have to work with your group members at this point. What you will do is: in Project Checkpoint 1, you mentioned some topics you might be interested in. You will search for some peer-reviewed articles on these topics. I suggest you use UCONN Library Search as you can clearly see if your article is peer-reviewed. Give a list of articles: the title, one or two sentence summary of what the paper is about, the authors, the year. Everyone does this and adds to the shared file for Project Checkpoint 2 on your Google Drive. As I said, you may speak with your group members about these but you do not have to. However, your group should submit one file again. (In Project Checkpoint 3, you will start writing separate files if you are working on separate topics. Not now.) Do not share Wikipedia articles, blog posts or books. I want you to see some research topics. You do not have to understand what you are reading at this point. I just want you to go out there and get a list of articles at this point. Obviously: the articles must have some linear algebra in them.

Q: How many articles?

A: I do not like giving numbers but I guess I have to: somewhere between 4 and 10.