Week 1 Blog Questions

Answer each question. It is up to you how much you would like to answer. You can give a one sentence answer or three paragraphs. Please write full sentences. The first six questions should not take you more than 10 minutes to write down. In the past, I have heard that some people stress over this. I am sorry for this. I am not expecting too too much in the first 6 questions.

  1. Who are you? Introduce yourself.
  2. Have you met all your group members? Do you know their names?
  3. Choose a name for your group.
  4. How was the first two weeks of classes? (General)
  5. How is this class going?
  6. What is the most challenging thing that we covered so far? (You can say you understood everything clearly, if nothing comes to mind).
  7. What are two things you feel like you have learned?
  8. In Sec002, we called an inconsistent system a Conner system. Find an alternative name for an inconsistent system other than a Conner system (ex: NSS - no solution system or sad system etc.) Be creative and shortly explain why you chose your alternative name.
  9. Find alternative names for pivot variables, free variables, echelon form. Explain your reason for choosing the alternative name.