Blog FAQ

What is this?

Every week, you will meet with your group members and answer some basic questions to share with me and your classmates. Your answers will be available to all your classmates. The questions will appear on this webpage.

How do I submit this?

This is what worked best in the past for most people:

  1. One person in your group creates a Google Drive folder and shares the link with me. The folder needs to be shared publicly so everyone can see. (This needs to be done for the first blog, only.)
  2. Every week, you start a new Document on this Google Drive folder. You answer questions.
  3. You save your work. After the deadline, your grader will go and read all the blogs and will give you your points on HuskyCT.

Alternatively, if you are feeling creative, you can start an actual blog somewhere (blogger, wordpress, notion etc) and share the link with me. People have done this in the past. Then, you can share passwords and answer questions there? If you are feeling even more creative and have ideas, let me know and we can discuss.

Who are my group members?

You can learn your group members under Ozgur’s Corner.

In what format should we answer questions?

This is up to you. In the past, people usually did one of the two things:

  1. Question 1: Student 1’s answer, Student 2’s answer, Student 3’s answer etc.. Then, Question 2, then Question 3 etc etc.
  2. Student 1: Answers to all questions, then Student 2: Answers to all questions etc.

Whatever you feel like.

How do we answer questions?

Ideally, you will meet and discuss the questions with your group members. Then, write your answers together. But I do realize that not everyone has the time. So, you can also just add your answers to the blog on your own without talking to anyone. I am trying to encourage collaboration, not to force you to be friendly.

What is the point of doing this?

The questions are designed to keep you on track of what we are doing each week. Some questions are going to test your learning while some are just for you to reflect on your learning and for me to get feedback on my teaching. If you wait until course evaluations to give feedback, it is too late. Right?

Do we answer each question individually or one big answer as a group?

Individually, so we can grade. Your name should be under (or above or near etc) of your own answer.

Can I share memes?

Yes, please. Last semester, one group shared one linear algebra joke every week. It was nice.

Can I share my pet’s pictures?

Yes, please.