Past Announcements

Announcement. Tuesday, January 18. Re: Welcome. Welcome everyone, to Math2210. Please check Özgür’s corner for the welcome message.

Announcement. Thursday, January 20. Re: Weekly Planner. Recordings of the January 19 lecture and a summary is posted on the Weekly Planner. Click on January 19 Lecture in the Calendar view.

Announcement. Thursday, January 20. Re: FAQ. I have updated the FAQ under Ozgur’s Corner.

Announcement. Friday, January 21. Re: FAQ. Added one more answer to FAQ.

Clarification. Friday, January 21. Re: Last week of classes. We do not have lectures during the last day of classes. We will have graded group chats, only.

Announcement. Friday, Januart 21. Re: Weekly Planner. Weekly Planner is updated. Check today’s date on the calendar.

Announcements. Monday, January 24. Re: Updates. I updated January 24 Lecture on Weekly Planner with links to lecture recordings and a quick summary. I updated January 26 Lecture with a one sentence lecture plan. I put old announcements under Past Announcements. I announced groups under Ozgur’s Corner. I shared a little post titled “Week 2!” under Ozgur’s Corner. I wrote a Blog FAQ under Weekly Blogs. I shared Week 1 Blog Questions under Weekly Blogs.

Announcement. Tuesday, January 25. Re: Project Checkpoint 1. I updated Project Checkpoint 1 on the weekly planner.

Announcement. Wednesday, January 26. Re: Updates. I updated today’s lecture on the Weekly Planner.

Announcement. Wednesday, January 26. Re: Lecture notes. I shared some lecture notes under Ozgur’s Corner.

Announcement. Monday, January 31. Re: Updates. I updated the entries on Weekly Planner for this week, I updated the FAQ under Ozgur’s Corner, I added a small Week 3!! entry under Ozgur’s corner, I posted the links to blogs and I posted Week 2 Blog Questions.

Announcement. Wednesday, February 2. Re: Homework 3. I made Homework 3 available. Also, from the book, we will finish Chapter 1 this week. We are skipping 1.5 and 1.10.

Announcement. Friday, February 4. Re: Class cancelled. According to the UConnALERT announcement, all classes -online or in person- are cancelled today. We do not have classes.

Announcement. Wednesday, February 9. Re: Updates. Lecture videos for Monday class linked to the Weekly Planner. Week 3 Blog questions are posted.

Announcement. Thursday, February 17. Re: Updates. I updated the lecture recordings. Tomorrow we have Quiz 2 and so there is no lecture. Week 4 Blog Q’s are up.

Announcement. Thursday, February 17. Re: A typo. A message from Victoria: Hi Hocam, I was reviewing through the lecture notes that you provided for us, and I think I found a minor error in the notes on page 36. It said, "if you observe existence of free variables, that is if in the echelon form not every column has a leading entry, then your system has infinitely many solutions and therefore your vectors are linearly independent. " Should the vectors be linearly dependent instead of linearly independent since it is in the presence of free variables? I just wanted to make sure if I am reading correctly. Thanks and have a great evening! Victoria is right.

Announcement. Saturday, February 19. Re: Homeworks and Blogs. Homework 4 is now available and due February 28. Recommended deadline is Wednesday, February 23. It is a short homework. Homework 5 will be available on Tuesday. I made a mistake and copied wrong links for some group’s blogs. The Great Group 8 and We SDTT are mixed up and Space Rangers and Linear Legends. Someone from these groups please message me with their links to these folders so that I can update the links. MY BAD.

Announcement. Saturday, February 19. Re: Quiz 2. Solutions are posted under Ozgur’s Corner.

Announcement. Monday, February 21. Re: Lecture. We do not have a lecture today. Instead, I prerecorded a video lecture which you can find under tomorrow’s lecture on Weekly Planner. We will continue with the regular lectures on Wednesday.

Announcement. Monday, February 21. Re: Week 6. Week 6 updates are on Ozgur’s Corner.

Announcement. Wednesday, February 23. Re: Project Checkpoint 2 and Blog Week 5. I posted Week 5 questions and also I gave instructions/expectations for Checkpoint 2 (See Weekly Planner).

Announcement. Monday, March 21. I wrote about our gameplan for the next two weeks under Ozgur’s Corner. Please read it. I also provided information about Project Checkpoint 3 under the Weekly Planner.

Announcement. Wednesday, March 23. Homework 6 is now available. It is on determinants. I made the due date April 15 (I think) but you should finish it in less than two weeks. It has 20 questions and they are mostly computational. I believe that it can be done in 1 sitting. It is important that you finish this before the next quiz because after the quiz we will start a topic which requires the knowledge of determinants.

Announcement. Friday, March 25. Blog 8 questions are added. Weekly Planner updated with lecture recordings for the week. A new Lecture Recordings page is added above.