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Announcement. Friday, April 1. Blog 9 questions are added.

Announcement. Friday, April 8. Blog 10 questions are added. Quiz 4 solutions are added.

Announcement. Wednesday, April 13. Blog 11 questions are added. Information about the final project and graded group chat are added under Ozgur’s Corner. HW7, HW8 are available on MyLab.

Announcement. Friday, April 22. Blog questions for this week have been added. The solutions for the last quiz is uploaded.

Announcement. Monday, April 25. On HuskyCT, there is now a section for Project Submissions. Submit there your work as a PDF (including the earlier checkpoints). Everyone should do this individually even if you worked as a group.

Announcement. Monday, May 2nd. All quizzes now have been graded. If you have taken the graded group chat, your grades are also on HuskyCT. I started to read your projects and I am hoping to be able to finish them by tomorrow morning. As you are aware our syllabus have 2 grading schemes. If you have demonstrated your knowledge through the quizzes during the semester, you may choose not to take the final exam. Remember, we are dropping the lowest quiz as well.